Caring for Your Wreaths and Other Products


  • Keep the wreath away from heaters, fire places or other heat sources.

  • Mist the wreath with water weekly or more frequently if you desire. 

  • Do not mist while the wreath is exposed to direct sunlight if possible.


Even if you use an Antitranspirant, it is still a very good idea to water daily. Be sure to mist the back side as well as the front. The stems will draw some water until they completely seal. You can snip about 1/4" to 1/2" off the bough stems to promote water intake.

Do NOT remove the boughs from the metal ring. If you cannot access them, it is better to leave alone and continue to mist with water. You may also use a small amount of fertilizer in the mister. We recommend Miracle Gro. Use according to the instructions for a feeding solution.

Be sure to get water or the feeding solution on the stems as well as the needles.


Carolina Wreath Company